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US reportedly confirmed Kim Jong Un is willing to discuss denuclearization

  • North Korea has told the US it is willing to discuss denuclearization, numerous media outlets reported Sunday.
  • The discussion would occur during an upcoming summit between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.
  • This appears to confirm recent reports by South Korea and China that Kim has indicated he is open to denuclearization.
  • But Pyongyang and Washington probably have very different visions of denuclearization, with North Korea previously indicating the offer is conditional on US actions.

For the first time, North Korea has reportedly told the US it is willing to discuss denuclearization, a number of media outlets reported Sunday.

North Korea is willing to discuss the topic during an upcoming summit between leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump, an administration official told Reuters, NBC News, and Bloomberg on Sunday. It is unclear whether this is the same source or independent accounts confirming the information.

Despite the report, Washington and Pyongyang may have different visions of "denuclearization."

The US wants North Korea to completely abandon its nuclear weapons program, while the North has previously said it would only do so if US troops left South Korea and end its commitment to defend the South and Japan with nuclear weapons.

At the very least, the news appears to reinforce previous indications that Kim is willing to discuss the prospect of denuclearization in some manner.

After visiting Pyongyang last month, a South Korean envoy announced Kim had said it was "his father's dying wish" to achieve denuclearization.

But South Korea has a vested interest in making it appear the North is willing to soften its stance, in the hope the US would be more likely to meet with the North. There was suspicion among experts that South Korea may have embellished Kim's words, and that the North Korean was unlikely to be open to denuclearization or would have even used the word.

Yet Kim then raised the topic again, several times, when he recently met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing.

Days ago it was revealed secret high-level talks have been occurring between the two countries ahead of a bilateral summit. CIA Director Mike Pompeo — who is Trump's pick for Secretary of State following the ouster of Rex Tillerson — has been leading the talks, several administration officials told CNN.

According to Reuters, intelligence officers in both countries are using a backchannel to communicate while the State Department uses its United Nations mission as an intermediary.

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Catering giant could change menus in no-deal Brexit

School meals provider Compass said it could change its menus and use alternative ingredients as it became the latest company to announce contingency plans for a no-deal Brexit scenario.

The FTSE 100 group, which is the world's biggest catering firm, said it was ready to start stockpiling ingredients if needed while it also had concerns over the impact on thousands of EU nationals in its British workforce.

Compass serves millions of meals a year to school children as part of its UK operations.

Dominic Blakemore was an internal appointment at Compass. Pic: Compass
Image: Dominic Blakemore is chief executive of Compass

Its British division only represents a tenth of the overall business but chief executive Dominic Blakemore said the potential threat from Brexit was "serious".

Compass revealed details of its no-deal preparations on the same day as contingency plans were also set out by electrical goods retailer AO World and Electrocomponents.

It came as Bank of England governor Mark Carney raised the spectre of a shock to the economy on a scale not seen since the 1970s if there is no deal.

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Mr Blakemore described Theresa May's draft Brexit agreement as "better than no deal", adding to the raft of business voices backing the embattled Prime Minister's plan – including Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and Airbus.

He said the company had contingency plans to start stockpiling and substituting with alternative ingredients if necessary.

He said this would happen "gradually over time" should the prospect of no deal become more likely as the 29 March 2019 date approaches.

"We are looking to increase some inventories where appropriate, but also be flexible around the menus."

It came as Compass reported a 2.6% fall in pre-tax profits to £1.5bn for the year to 30 September, after taking a hit from the weaker pound.

Also on Tuesday, online electrical goods retailer AO World said it might have to increase stock levels in the event of any friction in the supply chain that Brexit may cause.

Meanwhile, industrial distribution company Electrocomponents said it planned to invest £30m in inventory as part of its plans to mitigate the potential impact of Britain's departure from the EU.

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Other companies which have revealed stockpiling plans include engine maker Rolls-Royce and Mr Kipling maker Premier Foods.

Firms are worried that a sudden end of frictionless trade with the continent could cause delays at ports and threaten the timely delivery of parts and ingredients.

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TalkTalk rings changes with Manchester HQ move

By Mark Kleinman, City editor

TalkTalk is to relocate its headquarters from London to Manchester, delivering a significant boost to the Northern Powerhouse as the FTSE 250 broadband provider accelerates a drive to shrink its cost-base.

Sky News has learnt that TalkTalk will publicly announce the move on Wednesday alongside its interim results.

The decision to shift its head office to the Soapworks development in Salford Quays, which was communicated to staff on Tuesday afternoon, will make TalkTalk one of the most prominent British companies to axe a London HQ in favour of another major city.

In recent years, businesses including BT Group and Tesco have outlined plans to shed long-standing headquarters as part of more widespread corporate revamps, with the former still to announce details of its new base.

TalkTalk already has a significant presence at the Soapworks site, with the bulk of its workforce based there.

People close to the company said the decision to downgrade its London HQ to a satellite office would entail relocating hundreds of staff, with some additional recruitment activity expected to take place in Manchester next year.

TalkTalk currently employs approximately 500 people in London.

The company's Soapworks office is close to the MediaCity UK development on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal which has become a magnet for major employers including the BBC, Ericsson, ITV and Kellogg's.

The public announcement will come alongside results underlining TalkTalk's ongoing turnaround programme, with its shares down by almost a quarter during the last 12 months.

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Force leaders to debate on TV

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The company, which is run by its founder, the telecoms entrepreneur Sir Charles Dunstone, is also expected to confirm that a £1.5bn deal to accelerate the roll-out of fast broadband to millions of British homes has been abandoned amid a dispute with its prospective partner.

Sky News reported earlier this month that TalkTalk and Infracapital, an investment vehicle owned by the insurance giant Prudential, had reached an impasse after months of talks about a new joint venture.

Announced in February, the new independent company was designed to act as a new competitor in the race to deliver full-fibre communications to homes and businesses across the UK.

Under the plans, the ‎JV was to be 80%-funded by Infracapital and 20%-funded by TalkTalk, which would also have provided a minimum volume commitment to the business by becoming a founding wholesale customer.

They set a target of reaching more than three million homes and businesses in mid-sized towns and cities.

TalkTalk is expected to pursue its ambitions to roll out a fast broadband network with another partner.

The move to develop such ventures forms part of a race to be at the forefront of the next phase of communications infrastructure amid growing government pressure on the private sector to deliver broadband capable of serving a modern digital economy.

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Internet traffic is forecast to grow threefold between 2016 and 2021, illustrating the amount of capital being deployed to build out ultra-fast communications capabilities in Britain.

A TalkTalk spokesman declined to comment.

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$27 billion Autodesk just acquired the Google and Sequoia-backed construction startup PlanGrid (ADSK)

  • AutoDesk will acquire the construction productivity software startup PlanGrid for $875 million, the company announced Tuesday.

AutoDesk, the $27 billion software company best known for its architecture program AutoCAD, will acquired PlanGrid for $875 million, the company announced Tuesday.

Founded in 2012, PlanGrid is a GV (formerly Google Ventures) and Sequoia Capital-backed construction productivity tool.

"At PlanGrid, we have a relentless focus on empowering construction workers to build as productively as possible," said Tracy Young, PlanGrid cofounder and CEO.

"One of the first steps to improving construction productivity is the adoption of digital workflows with centralized data. PlanGrid has excelled at building beautiful, simple field collaboration software, while Autodesk has focused on connecting design to construction. Together, we can drive greater productivity and predictability on the jobsite," she said.

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7 common mistakes people make when writing email subject lines

  • You might be wondering how to write a good email subject line.
  • When it comes to your subject line, there are plenty of mistakes you can make while emailing anyone from your colleague to an old friend to a potential new contact.
  • Remember to be respectful of their time. Some people get hundreds of emails every day.

Your email subject line may very well be the only part of your message that gets read, said Dmitri Leonov, cofounder of email assistant tool SaneBox.

"So, it's important to make it as easy as possible for your recipients," Leonov told Business Insider. "When people glance at their inbox, they are more likely to act on an email if the subject line entices them to do so."

There are plenty of mistakes you can make in an important email to a boss, colleague, or potential professional contact.

Here are seven subject lines you should never be using:

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'Ideas' or 'Meeting'

Anything too vague is going to be skipped over, Leonov said. Unforunately, that's a common mistake.

Not only does a vague subject prompt the recipient to gloss over your note, it makes it difficult for people to find the email later. Leonov said it's important to make sure your email can be quickly picked up when your colleague is searching for the note in a few days or weeks.

"Making the subject specific and descriptive will make it easier to find later," Leonov said.


This has a similar effect to using a super-vague message as your subject line. Writing "Hello [Name]" or something of the sort is a misguided attempt at being casual, and it likely just comes off as annoying and inconsiderate to the person you're messaging.

"Think about the recipient and imagine that your email is one of ten thousand that the person has to go through," writes tech marketer Hillel Fuld on Inc. "If that were the case, would you still have written 'Hey' as a subject line? Probably not."

'Can I offer you some free help?' or 'Get the BEST thing you need from ME'

Certain words can make your email go right to the spam folder. That includes "amazing," "risk free," and "winner," according to OptinMonster.

"You might think you've stumbled on a clever trick that no one has thought of before, but with 30 years of email and roughly 193 gajillion spams sent, almost every cheezy, tacky, tricky come-on line has been tried, and caught, by the filters of the email inboxes of the world," Marc Cenedella, CEO of Ladders, told Business Insider.

Even if you manage to bypass the spam filter, a clickbait-y subject line will likely cause your colleague or potential contact to roll their eyes and ignore your message.

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Foot Locker soars after beating on sales and profits (FL)

  • Foot Locker beat on both the top and bottom lines in the third quarter and its comparable sales topped Wall Street estimates.
  • Shares jumped as much as 12.7% after Tuesday's closing bell following the announcement.
  • Watch Foot Locker trade live.

Foot Locker rallied by as much as 12.7% after Tuesday's closing bell after the company reported better-than-expected earnings for the third quarter.

The shoe retailer said it earned $0.95 a share on an adjusted basis, topping the $0.92 that was expected by analysts according to Bloomberg data. Its sales came at $1.86 billion, beating the $1.84 billion that was estimated by Wall Street. Meanwhile, its same-store sales jumped 2.9% year-over-year, while analysts were expecting a 2% increase.

"Our accelerating comparable sales and improving bottom line reflect the strategic partnerships with our vendors, as well as our efforts to inspire and empower youth culture and create deeper connections with local communities," said CEO Richard Johnson in the press release.

"We believe we are well positioned to produce even stronger results in the all-important holiday selling season and the fourth quarter overall."

Shares dropped 5.68% in regular trading before the results amid broader weakness in markets and were up 8% this year through Tuesday's official close.

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